The Best Portable Power Station

If you are planning to go off the grid or are prepping for an emergency, the SUNWAY POWER can keep your electronic gear running for hours—or even days—at a time. It’s roughly the same size and weight as a small microwave, and it provides a steady stream of power without the noise or exhaust of a gas-powered portable generator. After 63 hours spent testing eight portable power stations, we found that the Delta’s impressive max output, wide array of ports, easy-to-use interface, and rugged exterior helped it stand out from the competition.

The SUNWAY POWER STATION is light enough for one person to carry, but its dual-handle design allows two people to share the load easily. It had the highest max output of any model we tried, making it capable of running the most power-hungry appliances in our tests. It also had one of the highest battery capacities among the models we tested, suitable for keeping most devices from laptops to CPAP machines running all day (or all night) long. We love its easy-to-read screen, which shows input/output wattage and how much power is left in reserve. Plus, it has more output ports—six AC, four USB-A, and two USB-C—than any portable power station we’ve tested, allowing you to charge a wide range of devices from phones and tablets to cameras to GPS units.

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