How long is the actual life of photovoltaic modules?

As the core equipment of photovoltaic system power generation, the quality of photovoltaic modules has attracted much attention, and whether they can achieve the expected service life is often questioned.

Most enterprises provide two types of warranty for the PV modules delivered for use. One is limited product warranty. The warranty period is mostly 10 or 12 years, and the warranty scope is the quality problems caused by the design, material or process of the modules; The second is limited electrical performance, that is, the maximum output power warranty, which is usually a 25-year linear warranty. In order to improve the competitiveness of products, some enterprises provide a 30-year warranty for special types of components (such as double glass components). Due to the highest proportion of solar modules in the system cost, the design service life of photovoltaic power station is usually the same as the maximum power guarantee life of modules.

It has become an industry practice for components sold abroad to pass the detection and certification of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 Design, manufacture and use are the main factors affecting the service life of components.

For some specific environmental conditions, targeted design is needed to improve the reliability of components. The components used in cold and warm regions are obviously better than those in sub humid and warm regions in terms of mean index and extreme index The following factors are summarized:

1) Due to the environmental conditions in a specific climate area and severe weather phenomena with high frequency, the component design or selection is not well considered;

2) Component defects caused by engineering design or construction;

3) Component quality problems caused by inadequate component procurement and process quality control;

4) Quality problems caused by some new components and materials that are put into use in batches without sufficient verification.

As the core equipment of photovoltaic power station, the module can operate safely and reliably for a long time, which is the basis to ensure the expected income of the power station. Choosing a professional technical team and providing reliable products is very important for the later maintenance of pv solar system installation. We look forward to your choice of kinsend solar, and we will provide you with a full range of project services.