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Since 2006, ART SIGN mainly produce the solar ground mounting system, solar rooftop mounting system includes relative solar racking accessories solar roof hook, solar module clamps ,aluminum solar rail,L foot,ground screw,channel C steel profiles etc.Solar panel racking equipment is built with 3 main components:
— Roof attachments: L foot ,Roof Hook,Standing seam roof clamp,etc
–Module Clamp: Inter clamp /End clamp

–Solar Mounting RailsRoof attachments:
roof attachments are the fasteners that will be drilled into your roof in order to secure the racking system in place.

The holes these drills create will be surrounded by ‘flashing’, which is a plastic or metal shield ,that is inserted between shingles to prevent water from getting into the hole.However roof attachments differ for each roof type.

Most Universal Roof Attachment

Module Clamp: Inter clamp /End clamp
pv module clamps attach the drilled-in roof attachments to the mounting rails. There are a few different solar mounting clamps types for option. it will suit for below thickness:
framed solar panel thickness: 30-50mm
Frameless solar panel thickness: 4-8mm

China Module Clamp Manufacturer

Mounting Rail
After drilling into the roof,the roof attachments are connected to pv mounting rail by using module clamps to support the solar panels.
Although there are railless racking options available,rails are most commonly used because they can be secured to most roof angles.

Solar panel mounting rails

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