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CV cable is the abbreviation of “cross-linked polyethylene insulated vinyl sheathed cable”, which is called “cross-linked polyethylene insulated vinyl sheathed cable” in English. Cross-linked polyethylene can provide the maximum allowable temperature up to 90°C, and the short-circuit allowable temperature is up to 230°C. It is a material with excellent chemical resistance and water resistance. The CV cable manufactured based on this has high durability, Can be widely used in factories, parking lots, outdoors, etc.

CVT Cable Overview

JIS standard product. It is a power cable that is twisted from a single core CV cable and is used as a cable for all power transmission and distribution from low voltage to high voltage, sometimes referred to as a three-conductor cable on construction sites. Compared with 3-core CV, it has no intervention, lighter weight, more allowable current, slightly better heat dissipation, and easier to bend. Since the wires are protected by sheaths, there is also a feature that even if a single-wire grounding accident occurs in the cable, it will not easily spread or migrate to a short circuit between wires.

Application of CVT Cable

It is widely used as a power cable and has acquired great reliability as a consumer premises cable. It can be used not only for residential, commercial facilities and other buildings, but also for commercial facilities, factories, scientific research facilities, schools, hospitals and other buildings of any type and size.


ConductorInsulation thickness(internal semiconductor including layers)(mm)InsulationO.D.(mm)Jacketthickness(mm)CableO.D.(single core)(mm)Twisted Cable O.D.(mm)Cable weight(kg/km)Conductor ResistanceMax(20°C)(Ω/km)
Insulation resistance(MΩ・km)

Withstand voltage test(kV)
Capacitance (normal temperature)(Reference test)(μF/km)
Cross section(mm2)ShapeO.D.(mm)
38Circular compression7.

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