In 2022, solar system exports will increase, what are the new changes in the market?

China’s photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly. As a manufacturing and exporting country, China adopts new ideas, new designs and stable materials to provide safe, economical, reliable and multi-functional steel structure supports for domestic and foreign users.In 2021, with the support of national policies, photovoltaic products have entered the stage of accelerating research and development, production and export.But also because of the global need for energy conservation and progress.Chinese pv products, whether they are support systems or related raw materials, have reached a peak in exports.At the beginning of 2022, many foreign projects entered a slow development pace, which also affected the export volume of products.Recently, we found that many pv manufacturers have entered the peak of production.The export season is slowly building up.

Photovoltaic bracket system is an essential part of solar panel mounts. In China, fixed pv ground mount systems is widely used, but tracking system has not been recognized by the majority of customers.Although it is more and more recognized by the public, but the utilization rate and recognition is far less than the foreign market.

The domestic pv market for tracking bracket recognition once less than overseas.In the early photovoltaic power station installation, the cost and technical content of the fixed bracket are low, while the early tracking bracket has some problems in technology and quality, which affects the confidence of investors.Compared with fixed stents, tracking stents have higher stenting costs, footprint and maintenance costs.Compared with the fixed bracket, the tracking bracket has a higher height, which leads to a higher difficulty in cleaning and maintenance, and the related costs will increase accordingly.In addition, the tracking support system consumes more electricity and has a relatively high failure rate.

However, with China’s continuous research and development and transformation, many large bases in China began to put into use, where the ground environment, sunshine conditions and other suitable for the installation of solar Tracking System;Tracking systems are often more focused on the long-term benefits of the project and are glad to use new technologies such as tracking mounts.

In 2022, with the development of more large-scale ground projects abroad, the demand for PHOTOVOLTAIC tracking system continues to expand, and China’s RESEARCH and development of photovoltaic tracking system has been recognized. In 2022, the export volume of tracking system is also increasing. Kinsend is a professional designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic systems.We look forward to in-depth cooperation with more foreign photovoltaic projects, so that Kinsend will continue to provide you with new products and solar system installation solutions with the development of the times.

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