Why are solar battery packs worth it?

Why are solar battery packs worth it

1.what is the Lithium battery pack

The battery pack generally refers to the assembled battery, mainly refers to the processing and assembly of the lithium battery pack, mainly the battery cell, the battery protection board, the battery connection sheet, the label paper, etc. Battery packs are mainly produced in battery pack factories. They all have their own structural design, electronic equipment and their own production workshops. They can conduct independent research and development and design according to customer needs. Through battery solutions, custom lithium battery samples are sent to customers for confirmation, and then After mass production and processing in the factory workshop, after passing the quality inspection, we will contact the freight forwarder for shipment.

Lithium battery pack

2. What are lithium battery cells and lithium battery packs?

Lithium battery cell: The most basic elements that make up battery packs and battery packs, generally providing a voltage between 3V-4V;

Lithium battery pack: It is generally composed of multiple battery packs. At the same time, a battery management system (BMS) is also added, which is the finished battery pack provided by the battery factory.

Lithium battery cell

3.Features of lithium battery pack:

1. The Lithium battery pack has complete functions and can be directly applied; the variety of types, the same application requirements can be achieved by a variety of lithium battery packs.

2.Lithium battery pack requires a high degree of consistency in the battery (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life).

3. The cycle life of Lithium battery pack is lower than that of lithium battery cell.

4. Use under limited conditions (including charging and discharging current, charging method, temperature, humidity conditions, vibration conditions, stress level, etc.)

5. The protection board of the Lithium battery pack requires a charge equalization function.

6. High-voltage, high-current battery packs (such as electric vehicle batteries, energy storage systems) require a battery management system (BMS), CAN, RS485 and other communication buses.

7. The Lithium battery pack has higher requirements on the charger, some of which require communication with the BMS, the purpose is to make each battery work normally, fully utilize the energy stored in the battery, and ensure safe and reliable use.

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