Advantages of Bluesun Shingled Modules

Six Advantages of Bluesun Shingled Modules

1.Higher Load

Through the dynamic and static load test at -40℃, Bluesun Solar panels are more compressive!Additional added value for power plant applications in areas with high dynamic loads.

2.Super Withstand Voltage Test

Bluesun modules pass -40°C compared to conventional half-pieces.Dynamic and static load test, more compressive

3.Tightened Hail Tests

Tightened hail test (35mm)

The appearance and EL of the components did not change before and after the test, and the power attenuation was less than or equal to 0.4%.

4.Lower Risk Of Hot Spots

5.Stronger Anti-blocking

The following is a comparison of half-cell modules and shingled modules

6.Better Operating Temperature