What is off-grid and grid-connected solar power?

There are two main types of solar power generation systems (also called photovoltaic power generation systems) – off-grid and grid-connected. What is the difference between them?

First of all, “network” refers to the national grid. Then, from a literal understanding, it can be concluded that

Grid-connected means that the electricity generated by solar energy is integrated into the national grid before being transmitted and used.

Off-grid refers to disconnecting from the national grid, and forming a self-sufficient power system through the conversion of battery storage and inverters

The difference between solar on-grid and solar off-grid

Solar grid-connected power generation

One is a centralized large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power station. Generally, it is a national-level power station. The main feature is that the generated energy is directly transmitted to the power grid, and the power grid is uniformly deployed to supply power to users. This kind of power station has large investment, long construction period, large area, and high operating cost in the later stage.

Another type of solar grid-connected power generation is common on rooftops in cities. Distributed construction, distributed power generation in the nearest place, and flexible access to and exit from the power grid, not only helps to enhance the ability of the power system to resist wars and disasters, but also helps to improve the load balance of the power system and reduce line losses.

Grid-connected power generation can obtain solar power generation benefits through “power generation on the grid”.

Off-grid solar power generation

Also known as “new energy independent power system, off-grid photovoltaic power generation”, “Off-Grid Solar System, Stand-Alone Power System”.

The new energy independent power supply system relies on solar energy to generate electricity, the battery stores electricity, and performs charge and discharge management and voltage regulation through the controller and inverter.

Any scene that cannot be connected to the power grid but has light can be installed and used according to its own electricity needs. Compared with the high cost of building a power grid, the new energy independent power system is very economical and applicable, and the installation and construction period is also very short. We have calculated that the installation and commissioning of a “1 kWh” system can be completed within 1 hour at the fastest. The generator can also achieve independent power supply from the grid, but it is noisy and has a lot of pollution and odor.

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