What is a spark test?

Spark testing is primarily to test whether the solar cable will break down under voltage conditions

We Sunkean have two processes to double ensure:

–  the extruded line of insulation.

–  before the package.

we set these machines to see if there are any poor insulation points, such as broken, pinholes happening, the machine will sound an alarm if is.

Any pin holes or faults will cause a grounding of the electrical field and this flow of current is used to register an insulation/jacket fault.

Spark testers are usually fitted with counters indicating the number of faults.

For the popular model H1Z2Z2-K / 1~35mm2, the test voltage is 10KV. Different spark test voltages are applied which are determined by the cross-sectional area of the conductor and insulation material, with the appropriate voltage specified in the relevant cable standard.

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