Shipping 368kw Aluminum Carport & 882kw Carbon Steel Carport

At present, 368kw aluminum alloy carport system and 882kw carbon steel carport system are being shipped, and the workers are preparing to load them urgently……

It is the assembly of a top cabinet and a 40-foot cabinet respectively.

Egret Solar has ten years of experience in solar mounting systems and solar accessories. We are shipping Solar aluminum alloy carport mounting system and carbon steel carport mounting system that we have been selling very well. These include rapid mid clamprapid end clamprail, rail splice, Beam, hexagon bolt and anchor. We not only have many customers keen on these two carport, in addition to many customers will be like to choose the waterproof carport. If you have such a need, please feel free to contact us.This is for our customers designed layout picture: