How to adjust the activation time of solar street light control

How to adjust the activation time of solar street light control.

1. Confirm the controller model and parameter setting method on the solar street lamp.
2. Manual controller: If you are using a manual controller, you can control the light on time by pressing the manual on/off button.

3. Adjusting the photosensitive sensor: If you are using a photosensitive sensor to control the opening time, you can adjust the opening time by adjusting the sensitivity and light range of the photosensitive sensor.

4. Adjusting the timer: If you are using a timer to control the start time, you can adjust the start time by setting the start and close times of the timer.

5. Replace the battery as needed: If your solar street lamp battery ages and its performance decreases, it will cause the solar street lamp to turn on for a short time, have lower brightness, and also decrease in brightness. You can replace the battery to improve performance.

6. Cleaning the lens: If the lens of the solar street lamp is covered with dust or dirt, it can also cause changes in the opening time. After cleaning the lens, the brightness of the solar street lamp can be restored.

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Integrated solar street lights are converted from solar panels into electricity and then charged with lithium batteries in the integrated solar street lights

During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy, and automatically supplies power to the LED lights of the integrated solar street lights at night, achieving night lighting.

The integrated solar street light has PIR human body sensing function, which can achieve the infrared sensing control light working mode of the intelligent human body at night. When there are people, it is 100% on, and when there is no one, it automatically changes to 1/3 of the brightness after a certain delay, saving more energy intelligently.

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