How long can the photovoltaic power station be used ?

How many years can the photovoltaic power station be used? Is it 25 years? Is it useful for the photovoltaic power plant after 25 years?
In the past two years, the number of new photovoltaic installed machines has been rising, especially since last year, the amount of photovoltaic installation machines began to show leaps.

The continuous growth of photovoltaic installed machines has also attracted the attention of the life of photovoltaic power stations in the industry, and a photovoltaic power station can continue to generate electricity for many years, which is also a problem that users and the industry have always been very concerned about.

According to the national standards, the design and use of photovoltaic power stations is 25 years. Since the photovoltaic component will have a certain attenuation during the use of photovoltaic components, the state also stipulates that the power attenuation of the photovoltaic component board does not exceed 20% within 25 years. If More than 20%, then even reach its service life.

Does that mean that the photovoltaic component will no longer generate electricity after 25 years ? It is not. It is only a specified design power in 25 years. In fact It can only be said that the electricity of power generation has become less, and it is not completely unable to generate electricity at all.

The life problems of these photovoltaic solar panels and accessories worried by the outside world are actually given the answer in the early years in China.

In 1983, China set up a photovoltaic power station in Gansu, and this is also the earliest photovoltaic power plant in China. It was installed by the Gansu Nature Institute. Over time, the 10KW at that time had been attenuated to 7kW, which was like to send 100 degrees of electricity a day at that time, and now it can only send 70 degrees of electricity a day.

The examples of these 40 years ago have also fully confirmed that photovoltaic components can be used for more than 25 years. Today It is said that 25 years is a standard, not the upper limit.

The world’s oldest photovoltaic power plant is located in Taco in southern Switzerland. This 10KW power generation system installed on the roof of the Laboratory of the University of Applied Science and the Arts of the University of Art, referred to as TISO ‐ 10, been running hard for more than 40 years since the grid.
One thing in common on these power stations can be found, that is, the quality of the hardware facilities is amazing. Like this power station in Switzerland, its components are closer to our current double glass components.

Of course, although our current technology has been improved and improved compared to 30 years ago, this does not mean that each power station that can be built can operate for more than 25 years. This mainly depends on the conditions of hardware facilities and later maintenance.

As long as a normal photovoltaic power station does not encounter extreme weather or some force majeure factors, the normal operation has been running for more than 25 years, and the problem is not big. The long -term life expectancy of the power station depends on the maintenance of the power station.
Many photovoltaic power stations have lacked daily maintenance, which has led to a decrease in power generation efficiency of photovoltaic power stations, and even more serious problems such as heat spots and damage.

Especially in the spring and summer seasons, in some areas with abundant rainwater, weeds are fierce, and the phenomenon of higher grass is higher than people. Under the circumstances of long -term unmanned maintenance, the gaps in the photovoltaic board will even be full of weeds soon. In the summer, these weeds soon became stuffy and humid. At the same time, long -term obstruction also easily formed photovoltaic thermal spots, which caused local burning damage to the component.

In addition, there are some photovoltaic power stations that are located in large areas of wind and sand. If they are not processed in time, the surface of the component will be blocked by dust and wind sand soon. Increasing, the blocking area will become a energy -consuming load, which will cause the temperature of the blocking part to increase and the temperature of the photovoltaic component unevenness, which will reduce the efficiency of power generation.

The reason why many photovoltaic power plants announced after more than 20 years were not good at subsequent maintenance work. In particular, some large -scale ground power stations and water surface power stations, some photovoltaic boards do not get repair and maintenance when problems and failures occur, usually waiting for centralized maintenance and repair for a period of time.

And these photovoltaic cases that are still able to continue working decades ago have verified the most directly to people. A good photovoltaic power station, after being properly maintained, it is not a problem for continuous power generation for 30-40 years.

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