Why you should choose ART SIGN aluminum roof hook for your roof mounting?

ART SIGN as a top professional manufacturer of solar mounting racking in China. ART SIGN have more than 17 years in this filed. Research and Developing more than 300 hundred products and many products have applied for patents.

Today, introduce the new arrival aluminum roof hook to you, share roof mount hook feature.

Name: 23#Aluminum roof hook
There are two types, one is AS-A-RH-23-A, the other is AS-A-RH-23-B. Both of them use for tile roof mount.
Material: Anodized aluminum 6005-T5

Color: Natural silver color

aluminum roof hook

①23# roof hook A can put the rail directly;
23# roof hook B should put L feet or L bracket then connect the rail.
②Both of aluminum roof hook A and B is double side adjustable roof hook.
③Compare to ART SIGN other aluminum roof hook, 23# roof hook bottom part size is large than ever. And the bottom with middle Z part use hexagon bolt and flange nut to connection, not like previous aluminum roof hook use carriage bolt and flange nut to connect.
④23#hook A adjustable range, top part:53-79mm, bottom part:45-61mm.
23#hook B adjustable range, top part:53-77mm, bottom part:45-61mm.
⑤Since 23# hook is made of aluminum material, so light weight is easy to for move when installation the roof mount.
⑥Bottom part has many holes suitable for different roof rafter request.
⑦Many length of screws for your options: ST6.3×25, ST6.3×75, ST6.3×80, different thickness of roof rafter should choose different screws.

solar mounting racking

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