What are the most important components of a solar panel mount?

Solar panel mounting structure are critical components that ensure the efficiency of a solar power system in both utility and rooftop applications. It is built with three main components: roof brackets, mounting rails, and module clamps.

mounting rails

Roof brackets

The roof brackets (metal roof clamps, tile roof hooks, etc.) are the fasteners that will be attached to your roof in order to secure the racking system in place. Art Sign roof brackets are available in aluminum material and stainless steel material, esp the SUS304 tile roof hooks.

Mounting rails

After attaching to the roof brackets to the roof, the roof brackets are then connected to mounting rails via module clamps, and then support the solar panels.

Both railless racking solution and rail racking solution are available. For railed installations, the rails are secured to the roof and solar modules are attached to the rails to hold them in place. Railless systems attach components directly to the roof to support the solar modules. And rail racking are most commonly used because they can be secured to most roof angles.

Module clamps

Module clamps come in different sizes and shapes. And all clamps are built from premium grade aluminum AL6005-T5 and stainless steel material that have outstanding holding power, durability and longevity. And the solar clamps can be with grounding pins, which is more convenient for solar panels to conduct electricity.

SR rail mid & end clampD rail mid & end clampT bolt rail mid & end clamp
Module clampsSolar panel mounting structureT bolt rail mid & end clamp

Many manufacturers produce solar panel mounts, while only a handful of companies comes out on top when it comes to quality. And you can’t really go wrong with Art Sign. You can find solar roof mounting product for any types of roof from Art Sign.

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