East-west facing solar mounting system

To meet some customers demands on east-west facing solar mounting, Art Sign recently designed a new solar racking system. This solar panel mount is suitable to install solar modules on slab roof, without penetration on rooftop. If you/your customers require not to damage the rooftop, this solar panel structure is a pretty smart solution.

east-west facing solar mounting

The inclination angle is normally 5° to 10°, and wind load within 43m/s. It’s not suitable to extremely high wind speed region. Two solar modules can share one rear leg if the width of solar panel is less than 1100mm, this is designed to save cost, and also very flexible to install different layouts of solar panels.

solar racking system

If the solar module length is more than 1100mm, or wind load is more than 43m/s, each module needs to use a separate rear leg.

solar panel mount

Regardless of load speed, the two rear feet model are as the follwing pictures:

solar panel structure

For where the wind load is small and the module width is less than 1100mm, the ballasted solar mounting solution is a good choice.

ballasted solar mounting solution
If the wind load is high, or the module width is bigger than 1100mm, you will need anchor bolts to fix the solar racking legs on the concrete base.

solar racking legs

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