100mm height mini rail solar structure system – Artsignenergy.com

To install solar panels on metal roof, we have all kinds of selections, mini rail solar racking system is one of the cheapest solution. But many mini rail mounting system is too close to the rooftop, it’s not good for heat-evacuation under solar panels. To solve this shortage, we recently design a solar mounting rail, that’s our DR-07C solar roof mount rail.

solar roof mount rail

The height is 100mm. The length can be customized, our standard length is 500mm, if you need other length, such as 250mm, 400mm, it’s available.

If you fix this mini rail in the way as below picture shows, the rail length is depended on the distance of the peak points of the metal sheet.

solar module clamps

Each mini rail is glued with 2pcs 90x70mm EPDM pads.

mini rail solar racking

With this rail less solar mounting system, you can install solar panels without long rails, only just fix solar panels on this mini rail, with solar module clamps.

solar structure

And each solar panel mounting aluminum rail is fixed by 4pcs self-drilling screws. You can choose different types of screws: ST6.3×25 and ST6.3×75 for metal purlin, and ST6.3×80 for wooden purlin.

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