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For many residential and commercial flat roofs, we install solar PV with ARTSIGN solar mounting. It’s high quality kit, safe, lightweight, and cost-effective racking system that offers flexible layouts, quick install time and affordable prices.

Read on for more on the challenges of flat roof solar and why we recommend ART SIGN solar mounting.

Ballasting solar panels on flat roofsfix to concrete block via anchor bolts
Ballasting solar panels on flat roofsfix to concrete block via anchor bolts

You can either direct fix the mounting structure to the flat roof or concrete block via anchor bolts, or use ballasted mounting solution. In most cases we prefer to use a ballasted mounting, which is much simpler, cheaper and less disruptive. Of course, the roof structure must be strong enough, should be able to withstand the weight of the ballast.

On a flat roof, you have the option of raising up the panels slightly, so that the annual energy production is improved. In general, an angle of 10 degrees gives the best compromise between maximizing solar irradiance and reducing shading between rows of panels. Many flat roof racking systems do not allow for more than a 10-degree tilt angle which will limit solar energy production, while ART SIGN provides very flexible tilt solution, 15 degree, and 20 degree are also available.

10 degree,AS-ABL-03-D1015 degree,AS-ABL-03-D1520 degree,AS-ABL-03-D20
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You can either have panels facing directly south, or set them in a tighter east-west arrangement to maximize the number of panels on a roof space.

ART SIGN flat roof solar mounting works well for large flat roof spaces at a commercial level and provides a good value way of installing solar PV without drilling into the roof. Our team can solve a variety of solar engineering challenges related to specific sites, provides different types of sloped roof solar mounting systems, including trapezoidal roof mounting, stand seam mounting, corrugated roof mounting, tile roof mounting, etc .

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