Individual package of solar mounting system for your easy distribution – Artsignenergy

ART SIGN is mainly designing and manufacturing the solar mounting system both for rooftop and ground solar photovoltaic system since 2006.
Our solar roof mounting system are widely purchased from wholesaler, reseller or distributors all over the world.

Especially for some customers who are mainly distributing or reselling the solar mounting elements to some solar installers, they would prefer to ask for individual package.Customer can pack the solar rail, solar roof hook and solar clamps into one carton based on 4 solar panels, 6 solar panels etc. per set.

Below please see the individual package for one set of solar roof mounting, it is well packed into 1 carton. It will be easy for you to dispatch to your end users.

 solar mounting system

Not only the solar roof mounting accessories can be pack like this way, but also the ground solar mounting system can be pack as 4 panels, 6 panels ect. per set.

Below is a the package of single pole solar ground mounting system, we pack all the post, mean, rail and relative accerrories inton 1 wooden case.

ground solar mounting system

If you have any other idea about the individual packing request of solar mounting system, please feel free to share with us your idea. We can do customized design for you meanwhile the customized solar mounting system is also available.

For any inquiry for solar panel mounting system please contact us., Whatsapp / Wechat:0086 180 3023 5875.