How to choose solar support materials

01 aluminum alloy bracket

The weight of aluminum alloy bracket material is generally about 2.71g/㎡, the deformation of its profile is about 2.9 times that of steel, and the strength is about 70% of the strength of steel. Anodic oxidation treatment is generally adopted for anticorrosion. Therefore, solar panel roof mounting aluminum rail has the characteristics of light weight, beauty, durability, corrosion resistance, etc., but its bearing capacity is low and its price is high, which is about three times the price of steel. Aluminium solar structure are generally used for distributed photovoltaic projects on the roofs of buildings with load-bearing requirements.

02 galvanized steel bracket

Galvanized steel supports generally use Q235 section steel as the main material. The so-called section steel refers to strip steel with certain cross-sectional shape and size, and its main types are I-beam, channel steel, angle steel,C-beam, H-beam, etc., and the anti-corrosion measures are generally hot dip galvanized. Galvanized steel bracket has stable performance, mature manufacturing technology and high bearing capacity, so it is mainly used in power stations that require strength, such as large-scale ground power stations, etc.

03 Flexible support

The flexible support is a steel cable prestressed structure, which is composed of pile foundation, upright post assembly, end beam assembly, steel cable fastener and panel fixing assembly. The support material is mainly any one or combination of steel strand, steel rope, steel cable, steel cable or steel chain. Flexible support is suitable for sewage treatment plants, mountainous areas with complex terrain and roofs with low load. Flexible support has a wide range of applicability, flexible use, saving engineering cost, realizing secondary utilization of land, and has broad development prospects in the future.

04 Stainless steel (304) bracket

Stainless steel (304) bracket has good weather resistance and high recycling value, but its material cost is high, so it is seldom used at present.

05 Non-metallic support

Non-metallic supports are mainly made of fiber composite materials, which have the characteristics of portability, good strength, good stress and low cost. However, because it is a new material, its characteristics need to be tested in practical projects, and it is seldom used at present.