PandaSolar Rail Less Mounting Bracket&System

What’s PandaSolar ‘s r railless mounting system & railess mounting bracket?

Solar rail-less systems are actually solar roof mount systems without long rails,

Generally, the solar roof support structure is a system spliced by long rails, and can meet most roof installation and installation structures with angles

However, many metal roofs are located in areas where there is no snow or low wind load and low snow load, so it is not necessary to use a full solar rail structure to install solar panels.

Cut the full solar rails to a certain length, which can cross the metal roof wave crest and fix solar panel clamps.

The advantage of the solar short rail system is that it greatly reduces the cost of the bracket and is easy to install (only self tapping screws are needed to fix it on the metal roof). Nowadays, more and more short rails are installed on the metal roof.