Solar + energy storage meets 80% of the annual electric vehicle power demand

According to the latest report of EUPD Research in Germany, a 7kW photovoltaic system connected to a 7kWh household battery can provide 80% of the electricity required for an electric car with an average annual mileage of 14,000 kilometers. According to the market research company, this is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 2500kWh. The company stated that the use of a 6kW photovoltaic array combined with a 6kWh battery can also provide the same proportion of electricity for an electric car with an annual mileage of 5000 kilometers and a power demand of 900kWh, and it has calculated that the power demand for frequent trips is 5000kWh. The vehicle needs a set of 12kW system equipped with energy storage capacity. Even without energy storage, electric vehicle drivers can use a large portion of solar energy. For example, a 7kW system without a battery can meet 39% of the electricity demand of a car through solar power generation. EUPD Research also said that solar + energy storage solutions can greatly reduce charging costs. It believes that a set of 10kW system with energy storage can save up to 52% of charging costs. This is equivalent to saving 415 euros per year. Martin Ammon, managing director of EUPD Research, said: “In order to store spontaneous solar power for use in electric vehicles, household energy storage systems are essential, especially in winter.”

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