Function of the solar panel

The function of the solar panel is to convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy, and then output direct current to be stored in the storage battery. Solar panels are one of the most important components in solar power generation systems. The solar panels are designed in accordance with the requirements of the International Electro technical Commission IEC: 1215: 1993, and 36 or 72 polycry stalline silicon solar cells are connected in series to form 12V and 24V modules. Raw material characteristics: Cells: High-efficiency (16.5% or more) monocry stalline silicon solar cells are used to package, and the solar cell panels have sufficient power to generate electricity. Glass: Use low-iron tempered suede glass (also known as white glass) with a thickness of 3.2mm and a light transmittance of more than 91% in the wavelength range of the solar cell’s spectral response (320-1100nm), for infrared light greater than 1200 nm Has a higher reflectivity. This glass is also resistant to solar ultraviolet radiation, and the light transmittance does not decrease. Solar panel EVA: The high-quality EVA film layer with a thickness of 0.78mm with anti-ultraviolet agent, antioxidant and curing agent is used as the sealing agent of the solar cell and the connecting agent between the glass and TPT. It has high light transmittance and anti-aging ability. Solar panel TPT: The back cover of the solar cell-the fluoro plastic film is white, which reflects sunlight, so the efficiency of the module is slightly improved, and because of its higher infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the work of the module Temperature is also conducive to improving the efficiency of components. Of course, the fluoro plastic film first has the basic requirements of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and airtightness required by solar cell packaging materials. Frame: The aluminum alloy frame used has high strength.

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