Influencing factors of solar power capatity

More and more people use their roofs to install solar mounting systems power generation, so how much profit can be brought by investing in home photovoltaic power generation? With the development of science and technology, the construction and installation costs of photovoltaic power generation are declining. Many have installed home photovoltaic power generation systems, and their installed photovoltaic power stations have poor power generation effect, which is far from the ideal efficiency. Is it because the installation angle of photovoltaic panels is not at the best inclination angle?

1.Inclination angle, the angle at which the photovoltaic panel receives the largest amount of solar radiation, is a factor affecting the photovoltaic power generation efficiency. The best inclination angle is a dynamic value. Even if you install all of them at the best inclination angle, the benefits will be different. The design angle should reasonably prevent the roof photovoltaic power station from collapsing. For example, in order to pursue the best inclination angle, if the installation angle is more than 30 degrees, the height of the support for a 10-meter-long photovoltaic array will reach 6 meters, which has high requirements for the building structure and steel frame structure of the pitched roof solar mounting system.

2. Regular maintenance. The photovoltaic panels of home photovoltaic power generation are covered on the whole roof, leaving no room for maintenance and regular maintenance and cleaning, which will affect the safety of the rooftop system.

3. Avoid occlusion, even a little shade at close range may cause 10% loss, and may even damage photovoltaic devices, which directly leads to a decline in revenue.

4.Installation orientation, the angle of solar panel brackets for roof It is not recommended to install roof rack for solar panels ls in the east, west and north, but it is best to install photovoltaic panels in the south or in a deviation of about 15 degrees.

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