The advanced road of TOPCon solar cell industry technology

PERC solar cells still occupy a major market share in the short term. Large-size silicon wafers of 182 and 210 are the general trend. Solar cells are also entering the era of 24% + mass production efficiency. TOPCon and HJT are considered to be the most promising next-generation cell technologies. It is also a critical period for the competition between these two technologies, and the process route that takes the lead in mass production efficiency, cost control and market share to obtain obvious advantages will dominate the future technological development direction.

In June 2021, it was announced at the SNEC exhibition that it would launch Niwa Max, a component product using G12 large-size N-type TOPCon solar cells, with a power of 700W+ for the 66 version; in September of the same year, it passed a new generation of tunneling oxide layer and no-winding plating. The application of innovative technologies and advanced materials such as passivation contacts deposited by doped amorphous silicon, the laboratory conversion efficiency of J-TOPCon2.0 solar cell based on 182mm*182mm silicon wafer and POPAID technology reached a record 25.4%, and passed It has passed the third-party testing and certification of the China Institute of Metrology, which is the highest efficiency in the industry’s N-type TOPCon large-size solar cell laboratory.

Compared with P-type products, N-type TOPCon double-sided modules have higher power, double-sided ratio, better temperature coefficient, and low-light power generation capacity, lower annual attenuation and better reliability. Niwa modules are in optical It has better performance under hot conditions and is more applicable to hot and humid areas. Photovoltaic products and technologies finally use LCOE as the evaluation standard. At present, the key equipment of TOPCon solar cells has become increasingly localized, and the investment cost of the production line has dropped significantly, so it stands out in the new generation of solar cell technology.