Large Energy Your Best Choice For Solar Mounting Solutions

LARGE ENERGY company completely focused on being best solar mounting manufacturer in China.Installation Simple, Flexible, and Low-cost Leading solar mounting systems, LARGE Energy with our professional technical R&D team can develop various personalized and customized solutions for different customer demands.

Our Product Advantages:

1Materials: LARGE mounting rails adopt Aluminum 6005-T5, with surface Anodized treatment. The anodized thickness applied complies with National Standard GB5237-2008: to be anti-corrosive

2Easy & Efficient Installation: Components can be freely combined; Aluminum alloy rails and unique design Module are

Easy to installation together.

A single wrench is enough for the fixation procedures. With different parts connected properly to suit various sites installation.

With high precision, rail length accurate to millimeter, any on-site cut due to rail too long or too short is not necessary, leaving no unnecessary waste.

3.International Standard: LARGE roof mounting system complies with international standard AS/NZS1170.2, and SGS testing to keeping up with the leading technology.

4.Environment-friendly:All the LARGE raw materials adopted are recyclable and guaranteed with at least 12 years of quality warranty and 20 years service life.

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