The mainstream market trend has begun to transform to N-type technology

At present, the mainstream market trend has begun to transform to N-type technology. As one of the hotly discussed N-type technologies, TOPCon is gradually being rushed by many photovoltaic head companies to lay out production capacity. The company has focused on the R&D, production and sales of N-type TOPCon since 2016, and is the first batch of technology-based enterprises with GW-level TOPCon mass production capabilities. Our accumulation of N-type technology capabilities allows us to have richer experience, more advanced equipment and lower cost, so that our products can cope with the application of various projects. From construction to commissioning and operation, we track and supervise all aspects of the project. By providing high-quality products and services, as well as rich experience in ground power station projects, we can bring customers a better experience and higher project value. Except for the Middle East, we have completed GW-level shipments in many market segments around the world.

The company’s current global shipments of N-type solar cells and modules have exceeded 5GW, providing customers and companies in more than 50 countries with high-quality products and services, and will continue to increase the global market layout and increase the market share of each segment. Leading the development direction of the world’s new generation of photovoltaic high-efficiency solar cell technology.