Niwa series N-type TOPCon high-efficiency bifacial module “The Prince of Power Generation in the Desert”

As of the end of 2020, the shipment of TOPCon modules in the Middle East has exceeded 1GW, making it the largest N-type bifacial module supplier in the Middle East. This is inseparable from the high-quality Niwa series modules and professional team services. Niwa series modules are widely used in many national ground power station projects in the Middle East, including Oman PDO125MW solar power station project, Ibri Phase II 458MW solar park project and Dubai DEWA Phase IV 320MW solar photovoltaic project, etc., all adopt N-type TOPCon double-sided Double glass solar panels.

The project is located in a tropical desert area, and the maximum temperature can reach 53℃. Such severe weather conditions have brought great challenges to the performance of photovoltaic modules. The Niwa series of bifacial modules have excellent temperature coefficients, which can effectively reduce the high temperature. The actual operating temperature of the module can reach 70℃ or higher. At the same time, the high reflectivity terrain characteristics of the desert also enable the high double-sided rate of the Niwa module to play a higher advantage. While increasing the power generation, it effectively reduces the BOS. Cost and LCOE. Its excellent power generation performance, freely coping with the challenges of extreme climates, can fully adapt to the extreme desert climate, and is called the “Prince of Desert Power Generation” by local investors and EPC service providers.