SOEASY Roof Hook – SE Aluminum Adjustable Tile Hook Solution

As far as solar mounting is concerned, the rapid growth of roof mounting will be an irresistible trend in the future. Why? For one thing is the issue of installation space, Installing the solar bracket on the roof does not occupy additional space. For another, the cost of solar roof mounting will be much lower than ground mounting. Therefore, we have the reason to believe that roof mounting will become more and more popular. Base on this trend, SOEASY has designed an originality roof hook –SE Adjustable Tile Hook

Solar Tile Roof Mount

Why called it originality?

It has been tested and would be flexible to match the most of tile roof structures. Covers the market most similar products, meanwhile, in the process, installation and price have a great product advantage.

Tile Roof Mounting

And most important feature is the function of adjustable, adjustable position and distance are much better than similar products on the market. Let me show some details:

Steel Roof Mounting Bracket

❉  Adjust Back and Forth 10mm on the Top

❉  Adjust the Connection 20mm
❉  Adjust the 66° tilt direction 6mm
❉  Adjust the left and right 110mm of bottom panel

After using SE Adjustable Tile Hook, you don’t need to worry about that the roof mounting can’t install due to various errors during construction. This is also very in line with the purpose of our company:SOEASY, Make Your Installation So Easy.