Advantages of Kingfeels Aluminum mounting structure

Advantages of Kingfeels Aluminum mounting structure–compared with C steel mounting structure

1. Kingfeels has affordable price: with reasonable design, price of aluminum ground mounting system is only 10%-15% higher .

2. Save installation time and labor cost : Kingfeels aluminum mounting structure has higher machining accuracy, only 1/3 weight of steel sturcure.  Besides, it’s high pre-assembly in factory—-support beam,support leg and base are pre-assembly together.   So Kingfeels aluminum mounting structure can save about 30% installation time.

3. Almost no maintenance cost: Kingfeels aluminum mounting has much better anti-corrosion ability.  Especially the small components, all the parts are anodized after cutting and drilling.That’s why Kingfeels can offer 12 years warranty, 25 years life time.

4. High recycling price : scrap aluminum can be sold in high price after 25 years—-about 40% purchase price.  While steel structure will be almost valueless for years of corrossion.

Choose Kingfeels Aluminum Solar Roof Mounting System, without fear of an attack from the rear !