Flat Roof Adjustable Tripod Solar System

The Flat Roof Adjustable Tripod Solar System is suitable for concrete flat roofs and ground, and also for metal roofs with slope less than 10 degrees.

The adjustable tripod can be adjusted to different angles within the adjustment range, which helps to increase the adoption of solar energy, save costs and significantly improve the utilization rate, changing the shortcomings of the traditional fixed bracket which is not adjustable and has low utilization rate. The tilt angle and adjustment range of the adjustable tripod can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and can also be digitally measured and calculated according to the actual situation of the installation site.

In terms of materials, all parts of the structure use high temperature and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and stainless steel, not only beautiful appearance, service life of up to 25 years. In terms of installation, the simple and professional design is suitable for all types of components and easy to install; 40% factory pre-assembled folding structure makes the installation work on site much easier. In terms of after-sales service, the 10-year warranty and 25-year service life allow customers to purchase without worry and with a guaranteed after-sales service.

The Flat Roof Adjustable Tripod Solar System is a cost-effective option for flat roofs and ground.