SOEASY Waterproofing Solar Solution for BIPV

SOEASY leads the most advanced BIPV technology, gets rid off the metal sheet which many others primary BIPV solutions adopting- using metal sheet under panels increasing the cost and is not the real BIPV solution.SOEASY BIPV solution greatly cuts off the installation time and lower the cost, makes the final installation appearance is much better than tradition solutions.

Adjustable Solar Mounting Bracket

The SOEASY BIPV structure has been developed as a universal PV module mounting system for various building installations for waterproofing function. With SOEASY W rail, Aluminium Horizonal Gutter, EPDM and Cover for Clamp make the perfect function for waterproofing which realizes the panel roof integration.

Solar Mounting Metal Bracket

We believe that Waterproofing Solar Solution for BIPV will be a leading mainstream.

Solar System