The Coming Of Age Of High-Efficiency Micro Inverters

With the gradual development and improvement of the household market, the advantages of micro inverters in terms of safety have received more and more attention. Micro inverter system adopts full parallel circuit design, which can give priority to inverting the DC power of each module into AC power and then connect to the grid, only about 60V DC voltage exists, which has the advantage of natural no DC high voltage, completely solving the risk of fire caused by high voltage DC pulling arc, due to the PV power plant DC high voltage and hinder the rescue problem. For both safety and economic reasons, string + shutoff products are beginning to appear in the market. The market for micro inverter and similar technologies is booming, and as safety standards are further tightened in national PV markets, the development of lower cost micro inverter and higher precision strings is inevitable.

Compared with foreign companies, Chinese micro inverters have a greater advantage in terms of price, especially with the continuous upgrading of multi-body micro inverter power, multi-body micro inverters have become one of the mainstream products in the micro inverter market, further expanding the price advantage. At present, the fourth generation of high power and high current products launched by Elemac solar Technology can match PV modules with power up to 670W solar module, and the cost per watt has dropped significantly, and the price difference with string inverters is not much, which is another important technological leadership and breakthrough in the field of multi-body micro inverters.

When PV becomes the main power in the future, this advantage of micro inverter will become more and more obvious: it can be faster and finer corresponding to the scheduling of the power grid, in the process of precise to each component, can better guarantee the power generation. After more than ten years of development, micro inverter, under the multiple benefits of continuous optimization of technical solutions, rising module power, and improved user safety awareness, cost and performance have made great strides, and with the carbon neutral change process, the micro inverter markets are worth looking forward to.