TOCPon solar panel application example experience

The photovoltaic industry has always experienced innovations. With the continuous innovation of new products and technologies, and the continuous diversification of application scenarios, the market has put forward higher demands on the performance of module products. In the current Niwa series, Niwa Pro solar panel and Niwa Black solar panel are mainly used in European residential roofs and distributed industrial and commercial projects. The excellent performance and high appearance of the product have attracted a lot of attention and inquiries.

Introduction of Niwa Pro and Niwa Black solar panel

High power generation gain: Due to its better response to weak light, the N-type solar module can generate nearly 2 hours more electricity per day than the P-type solar module. Especially in cloudy days with insufficient light or rain and snow, the power generation is significantly higher than that of the P-type module. In addition, empirical data shows that the average double-sided ratio of N-type TOPCon modules is 14.2% higher than that of P-type modules. Therefore, under the same light and weather conditions, N-type bifacial modules can generate higher power generation than P-type modules.

High value return: TOPCon modules have strong power generation capacity per watt, which is reflected in their strong advantages in terms of cost per kilowatt-hour. Taking a 1 MW German rooftop power station as an example, at the same cost per kilowatt-hour, TOPCon modules have a maximum power generation gain of 2.5~2.65 cents/W compared to PERC double-sided. The future manufacturing cost of TOPCon is equivalent to PERC, the power is more than 20W, the value gain is more than 2.5 cents/W, and the product value advantage is prominent.

High reliability: Niwa series modules have passed the TUV-certified module’s highest level of fire protection performance—Class A. Prior to this, Niwa modules have also achieved excellent results in PVEL’s rigorous reliability tests and won the title of “Best Performance” for modules. At the same time, the third-party Muller Reinsurance company provides products with a 12-year product and material warranty and a 30-year power line warranty service to completely eliminate customers’ concerns about product safety and security, and provide customers with high-quality energy solutions.

The third-party certification body TUV North Germany has also tested the backside power generation results with different types of modules in a variety of terrains and environments, and verified that the Niwa series modules can achieve 27.2% double-sided power generation gains under different ground conditions.