China’s State Council encourages: new planning of photovoltaic + transportation routes

The State Council issued a document encouraging the rational layout of photovoltaic power generation and installing solar power system energy storage facilities along transportation hubs, stations, highways, railways and other lines.

In recent years, China’s photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly, the installed capacity of photovoltaic has ranked first in the world for years, and favorable photovoltaic policies are emerging one after another. There are a variety of photovoltaic application scenarios. The integrated development of photovoltaic + applications such as photovoltaic + industry, photovoltaic + construction, photovoltaic + agriculture and photovoltaic + transportation promotes the process of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization in many fields.

On January 18, the State Council issued the development plan of modern comprehensive transportation system in the 14th five year plan, which pointed out the direction for “photovoltaic + transportation”. The document proposes to encourage the rational layout of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage facilities along transportation hubs, stations, roads and railways. Promote the development of low-carbon and diversified transportation energy, actively promote new energy and clean energy transportation vehicles, steadily promote the transformation of railway electrification, promote more use of clean energy by inland ships, and further reduce the energy consumption of transportation vehicles.

The document also proposes to implement the “green and low-carbon development action of transportation”, including the construction of near zero carbon transportation demonstration area. Select ecological functional areas, industrial and mining areas, towns, port areas, airports, highway service areas, transportation hubs and stations and other areas with mature conditions, build near zero carbon transportation demonstration areas, give priority to the development of public transportation, advocate green travel and promote new energy transportation tools.

In fact, the transportation department has made arrangements for the layout of photovoltaic in the transportation field. On August 6, 2020, the Ministry of transport issued the guiding opinions on promoting the construction of new infrastructure in the field of transportation, which mentioned that it is encouraged to reasonably arrange photovoltaic power generation facilities along service areas, slopes and other roads and connect them with municipal power supply.

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