The power generation price of large-scale photovoltaic power stations will be 28% cheaper than coal-fired power

With the strong support of governments for solar power system installation, regions have begun to establish photovoltaic power stations one after another, so that the production capacity of photovoltaic new energy can grow rapidly, which will directly affect the pricing and adjustment of electricity price.

In its latest report, wood Mackenzie, a British research company, said that compared with the lowest cost fossil fuels, renewable energy in India, China and Australia is 12% – 29% cheaper, ranking among the top three countries.

According to wood Mackenzie’s prediction, by 2030, the price of renewable energy power generation, especially large-scale ground solar power generation, is expected to be 28% cheaper than coal power in the whole region. By 2030, the lcoe price of renewable energy in India, Australia and China will be 50% – 55% lower than that of natural gas and coal power. In these markets, compared with natural gas and coal power generation, the prices of solar power and onshore wind power will also be discounted or flat.

Solar energy is universal in most areas of the earth and can be used locally. This provides a bright prospect for countries and regions lacking conventional energy to solve the energy problem.

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