2022 global PV price rise tide, what affects the price?

Global photovoltaic products, from photovoltaic modules to associated system equipment and support equipment, have experienced continuous growth since 2020. Various price increase factors lead to the continuous rise of the installed cost per W.

Global data, an industry analyst, released a new report saying that due to factors such as high international shipping prices and surging market demand, global PV module prices are expected to maintain an upward trend in 2022

GlobalData believes that under the influence of inflation, the price of photovoltaic modules is expected to maintain an upward trend this year. At the same time, the high international shipping price will also boost the cost of photovoltaic modules.

According to the data, the price of 40 foot high container in Ouji port has increased from US $1200-2000 per container in 2020 to more than US $10000 at present. The price of 40 foot high container in western US basic port has also exceeded US $13500 / container, which continues to rise. GlobalData believes that at present, large international terminals in Europe, America and other regions are short of manpower and transport capacity and delayed delivery, and the phenomenon of “port blockage” is more serious. The problem of shipping costs may not be alleviated in the short term, and it is expected to improve until 2023.

PV InfoLink predicts that in terms of supply, this year, the global output of silicon material will reach 55000-57000 tons per month. Although there is a slight increase, the current supply capacity of silicon material link is still insufficient in terms of comprehensive silicon material inventory and capacity increment of the whole supply chain. In this case, it is expected that the global photovoltaic supply chain price will remain at a high level this year.

In addition, the price rise of important raw material end is also an important factor to promote the overall rise. Whether silicon material and subsequent links, photovoltaic glass, adhesive film and other installation accessories or dual control of energy consumption, the combination of these variable factors reflects the component price.

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