Germany has advanced the target of 100% renewable energy to 2035

The German government introduced a new draft legislation on Monday, The target date of “completing 100% renewable energy supply and giving up fossil fuels” will be changed from the original 2040 (“well before 2040”) Advance to 2035. Accelerating the expansion of renewable energy capacity in Germany is a key factor in reducing dependence on fossil fuels. In order to bridge the energy supply gap before enough renewable energy is put into use, Germany may be ready to extend the service life of coal energy beyond 2030. In addition, Germany is also seeking to resume the construction of LNG projects.

In the draft, the Ministry of economy will increase the power generation capacity of onshore wind and solar facilities by about three times, and the offshore wind power generation capacity will more than double. Onshore wind power generation capacity will increase from 3 gigawatts this year to 10 gigawatts in 2027, and solar power generation capacity will increase from 7 gigawatts this year to 20 gigawatts in 2028. Offshore wind power facilities are also a key part of the plan. Germany expects its power generation capacity to rise from 30 gigawatts in 2030 to 70 gigawatts in 2045

Accelerating the utilization of new solar energy installations is an important plan for each country to realize energy conversion We hope that solar panel mounting system energy can be valued by more countries to solve the problem of living, production and power consumption at the same time. Let the living environment be lower carbon and the global climate be better improved.

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