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Solar connectors look relatively simple and you may not even notice them when shopping for solar components, but they are an incredibly important part of every system. After all, solar installations are essentially a grouping of connected devices.

Connectors do a lot of work. They require precise engineering to meet the safety and efficiency needs of a solar project. They have to be resilient to swings in weather and withstand varying voltage levels.

In short, solar connectors attach different solar components together to produce a successful and safe flow of electricity within the solar system.

 AC 3 pin PV Solar connectors

The H4 Plus connector provided by SUNKEAN is a robust, dual-certified DC connector with UL 6703 1500V & IEC 62852 (ed.1); am 1 1500V (Class A) specifications and certifications. As an evolution of H4 connector, the H4 Plus connector includes excellent durability, Amphenol-compatible mating configuration, Amphenol’s low resistance RADSOK® contact technology, ability to accept wire gauges from 14AWG/2.5mm² to 8AWG/10mm², and an IP68 rating. Enhancements over the H4 included in the H4 Plus connectors are a ratcheting gland back nut, which prevents backspin once the nut is tightened, an enhanced sealing grommet for even better wet leakage performance, and optimized contact design for excellent long-term stability. By using gland nuts, environmental gaskets, wire-retention collets, and contacts that accept multiple wire gauges, part count is reduced and real cost-savings are generated.

Features of H4 Plus solar connector:

* Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology

* Maximum operating temperature of 120°C

* Secure cable sealing with ratcheting lock feature

* Dual-certified at 1500V DC to UL 6703 & IEC 62852

* High-performance polymer material, more reliable, durable, and stable over lifetime

* Excellent thermal shock performance exceeds UL requirements

* Higher current ratings, lower temperature rise and contact resistance

* Accepts wire gauges from 14 AWG/2.5mm2 to 8 AWG/10.0mm2

* IP68 rating 24 hours at 1 meter

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