What do you need to pay attention to before choosing a photovoltaic system for your home?

We often see news reports, a lot of family photovoltaic system in the installation and use shortly after, a variety of problems have led to the normal use.Kinsend provides you with some common roof tips.

The construction of photovoltaic roof includes several types, among which the sloping roof, flat roof and painted steel roof are more common.The installation condition of housetop should make sure to use area, keep out, waterproof, bearing etc.First, determine how much available area of the roof, because the available area directly determines the installed capacity of the photovoltaic system.Second, the orientation of the roof, which faces south, receives more solar radiation, resulting in higher power generation.Finally, it is necessary to consider whether there are tall buildings around, waterproof roof and other problems. The shelter of tall buildings will affect lighting, and a good waterproof system may prolong the life cycle of the power station.

1 slope roof installation techniques

Photovoltaic modules are mainly installed along the slope on stilts, and the vertical distance between modules and the roof meets the requirements of installation and ventilation and heat dissipation clearance.The PV array is laid parallel to the roof, and the support adopts the steel embedded parts dot matrix fixed beam.

2 Flat roof installation techniques

The selection of flat roof structure can be based on the actual practice of roof finish surface, select the corresponding support pv flat roof mounting systems, with the local annual maximum power generation tilt Angle as the installation Angle of the support.or chose adjustable solar panel tilt mount.In addition, the waterproof layer of the photovoltaic system of flat roof is very important, and the waterproof roll material, cement mortar protective layer, ceramic tile and so on should be used to do the waterproof work.

3 Metal roof installation techniques

Metal sheet is generally used in home factories or large industrial plants, and the difference between its installation method and solar roof slopes is that the installation method of the support is not the same.If the structure of the roof bearing capacity to meet the case, you can tilt up, increase the installation Angle.

1. Choose a reliable regular photovoltaic brand

Some users take goods in the same factory, and finally find that the certificate, contract and barcode are not the same company, and the quality of photovoltaic modules is also uneven.Therefore, it is suggested that users must choose regular manufacturers, because guaranteed after-sales service is very important.

2, reasonable design standard installation

The phenomenon of irregular installation has been the most common problem installing solar panels on house.If the system is not properly done, it will not only affect the power generation of the power station, but also reduce the service life of the power station, and even have potential safety hazards such as fire.Standardize the installation of photovoltaic power stations to ensure the life of the power station and user income, professional installation teams should be selected for every tiny part.

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