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In the installation of photovoltaic mounting on tin roofs, L feet are one of the most widely used solar accessories. Art Sign’s L-foot system is therefore one of the best selling products.Art Sign has developed five types of L foots to meet different demands of the market.

Customers can select the suitable solar mount L foot as they need.
The first one, AS-RH-02, this is the best sale product. The height is 84mm, width 40mm. It can match to different kinds of rails, only you need to change the screw or nut for the rail.

The standard screw to fix the L foot to roof is M6.3×80 self drilling screw. If you want to fix by M8 buried bolt or other length screw, it’s available too.


L feet clamp roof hook

The second type is AS-RH-02W, this L foot is specially designed for hanger bolt. The height is same as AS-RH-02, but width is 50mm. You can use M10 hanger bolt to fix this roof hook to roof.


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The third type L foot is AS-RH-105. The height is 105mm, it makes the distance between solar panel and rooftop bigger than AS-RH-02.


Solar panel roof mounting kits structure hook

The forth type is AS-RH-125, with 125mm height.


Aluminium solar panel mounting structure manufacturer roof hook

And the fifth type is AS-RH-150, with the highest height 150mm.


Solar pv panel roof hooks 150#

Customers can choose L feet with different heights according to different needs. For example, if the local temperature is relatively high, they may need to choose a higher L foot, so that the heat dissipation under the solar panel will be better. Or for maintenance, it is more convenient to clean up the garbage under the solar modules.