Cross Linked Polyolefin Wire ( XLPO) Cable Manufacturer In China –

Cross-linked Polyolefin, also referred to as XLPO, is a form of insulation that is created through both heat and high pressure. The most important attribute of XLPO is that it is halogen free. The importance of a halogen free cable is one that it will not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire.

Apart from this XLPO Cable have a plethora of technical advantages. They are fire retardant, and also resist UV, water, and ozone. They are easy to strip and highly flexible. XLPO Insulated Cable has a small diameter and is light in weight. It has an enhanced thermoset jacket that increases thermal stability. Solar XLPO Cable has a high current carrying capacity with a continuous operating temperature of 120 degrees C.

XLPO solar cables for photovoltaic power generation are interconnecting cables. SUNKEAN has been using high quality raw materials and ultra-modern technology to produce these cables. Our cables are durable and have excellent mechanical and physical properties.

The H1Z2Z2-K solar cable, PV1-F solar cable, UL4703 PV wire, some energy storage cable, etc. produced by SUNKEAN are all made of XLPO material. They have many advantages:

  • Low smoke halogen free
  • Weather, UV, ozone resistant
  • Good low temperature resistant
  • Good high temperature resistant
  • Low Toxicity
  • TUV ROSH CE ISO IEC approved

As a high-quality cable supplier in China, SUNKEAN provides cables of various specifications to meet the needs of different application scenarios, please feel free to contact us if you need it.