How to choose high quality solar panel metal roof mounts for residential installation –

Mounting solar panels on metal roof is the most common solar racking system for residential, commercial and industrial use. To choose high quality metal roof solar mounts, you need to find a professional manufacturer. Art Sign has been a solar mounting bracket factory since 2006. It’s under ISO management system and is a leading solar mount manufacturer in China.

Installing solar panels on roof cost is pretty low, but quality is the most important. To find high quality solar products, you might chat with Art Sign, it offers 20 years warranty for all of the solar brackets. Besides, delivery time is very important too, normally ArtSign offers 15-20 work days for mass production. Especially, the solar racking is very easy and quick for installation.

Roof-mounted solar racking system contents for metal roof:
1.L foot or standing seam roof hook
2.Solar rail
3.Solar mid clamp and end clamp

Here in this blog, we like to introduce you L foot. ArtSign solar offers a series of L brackets with different heights to meet different market requirements.

Art Sign L feet has 80mm height, 84mm height, 105mm height, 125mm height, 150mm height, etc. As you know, for metal roof solar panel mount, solar modules are installed parallel to the roofs, with some certain gap between the mounting structure and the solar PV modules. If the gap is too small, there won’t be proper airflow, and the solar panels will overheat, and thus reducing electricity production.

Art Sign L roof hook can be worked with self-tapping screw, self-drilling screw, as well as hanger bolt.

Regarding solar rail, Art Sign also designs and manufactures various dimensions to withstand different wind load and snow load requirements.

And about solar clamps, Art Sign solar roof offers both fixed solar clamps and adjustable solar panel clamps to fix 30-50mm solar PV panels.

No matter you’re doing EPC, or an engineer or an installer or a wholesaler, ArtSign metal roof solar mounts will be a reliable choice for you.

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