Multi-busbar technology—-what is it ? –

The increasing demand for high efficiency PV modules at lower costs of production leads to new designs of solar cells. In English, MBB abbreviation stands for Multi-busbar. MBB means that a solar cell is equipped with 12 or 16 busbars instead of 4, 5 or 6. This means the modules provide a higher power output and a higher reliability: ~2 % – 2.5 % power increase (in % range because cell eff. and types are different).

What is busbar?

In the solar cell, there is a thin rectangular strip printed on front and backside of the solar cell to conduct electricity, that strip is called a busbar. The purpose of the busbar is simple yet crucial as it separates the cells to conduct direct current from the photons and transfer it to the solar inverter to convert the current into alternating current.

The benefit of multi-busbar technology?

Nowadays, multi busbar cells have become one of the prominent trends in solar panel design. The multi-busbar technology is used to divide the solar cells into smaller parts, which are more resistant to overload and weather conditions, while avoiding the influence of micro-cracks between the busbars on the cells. Compared with ordinary cells, multi-busbar cells are in micro Long-term durability and reliability under crack conditions are generally higher.

The greater number of BusBars reduces the spacing between the busbars. Therefore, the path of flowing current is shortened, which in turn reduces energy losses resulting from resistance.

The MBB technology used in half cut modules additionally helps in reducing the shading of individual module elements. Certainly, this significantly increases the efficiency of the module’s operation in poor conditions.

On the other hand, the combination of the MultiBus Bar photovoltaic cells system with the Double Glass finish significantly increases the service life and productivity of such panels and makes them practically non-flammable.

Comparing with common 5BB modules, MBB modules use circular ribbon which can reduces the shading area and repeatedly reflects the incident light to enhance the power generation.

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