The BIPV era has arrived

The most effective way to control carbon emissions is to replace traditional energy sources with clean energy sources and promote the transformation of energy structure as soon as possible. Among the various types of clean energy, the rapid progress of photovoltaic technology in the past decade has led to a rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic power generation, making it the most economical and most promising type of clean energy. Analysis by many well-known research institutions indicates that by the middle of this century, human society will achieve a completely clean energy supply, of which photovoltaic power generation will account for more than 60%. This fully proves the huge responsibility that PV power generation will assume in society.

BIPV solar modules

BIPV solar modules are building materials with photovoltaic power generation capability. Compared with traditional roofing photovoltaic systems, BIPV solar modules not only meet the functional requirements of photovoltaic power generation system but also can take into account the functional requirements of buildings, and are a combination of photovoltaic products and building materials, which can replace some traditional building materials, integrate design in the architectural design stage, and integrate with the main body of the building during construction. These new features also make BIPV more and more attention from the market, all kinds of BIPV solar modules products are also like springing up, becoming the “new generation” of the PV product family.

Although there are still some general pain points and defects of BIPV products on the market, it can be seen that as the climate problem continues to intensify and the recognition of the whole society for clean energy transformation continues to rise, the application of PV power generation, including distributed PV power generation, will become more and more extensive. The use of microgrids, virtual power plants, virtual synchronous machines and a series of new technologies, as well as the “PV +” applications continue to expand, distributed PV market, especially BIPV products will have a huge development space.

BIPV solar modules

Undoubtedly, under the new round of energy revolution and new technology revolution, green will become the future development trend in the building field to reduce building energy consumption and enhance the environmental friendliness of buildings, and BIPV products will also usher in a huge market. But at the same time, it must be recognized that the BIPV market is still in its initial stage. The initial stage of any industry and market is to move forward in exploration, and only by understanding customers in depth, solving their pain points and meeting their needs can we lead the development of the industry with more advanced products. For some products that are swarmed by the BIPV wind, the risks faced by their quality problems, technical problems and even reliability problems of enterprises will eventually be transferred to the end users, which will not only affect the development of the whole industry, but also make the end users suffer losses. This will not only set a new benchmark for the fiercely competitive BIPV market, but will also further promote the healthy development of the BIPV industry with high efficiency and quality products, which the market and users will be happy to see.