Something you need to know about Bartery storage power cables

Energy storage refers to any type of physical or chemical system that stores electrical energy for later use. For example, batteries use chemical energy, which can then be used to power your smartphone, laptop, or electric vehicle.

Energy storage systems can be used to store electricity off-grid — for use during power outages and blackouts — or they can be used to build more resiliency into the regional power grid to keep it functioning during times of peak demand for power.

With the rapid development of the electric energy storage industry, in order to standardize it, the application of energy storage components also needs to attract widespread attention in the industry. Energy storage cables refer to the DC side connection cables connected between battery clusters, battery clusters and converters. In the energy storage system, a large number of battery connection cables are used as the nerves and blood vessels of the energy storage system. It plays the role of signal and data transmission and power supply in the entire energy storage industry chain.

It is mainly used for the connection between battery modules on the DC side of the power energy storage system, between battery clusters, between battery clusters and combiner boxes, and between battery clusters and energy storage converters. It is an indispensable part of the energy storage system, and has huge market potential.

SUNKEAN has a number of smart phone production lines, specializing in the production of energy storage cables and energy storage harness processing, and can provide cable harness products that meet customer needs. The following are its most representative features:

  • The connector’s design incorporates an integral latching system that ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection.
  • Connector housings are made of a thermoplastic material that is durable and has excellent mechanical properties and meet RoHS compliant.
  • Flexible battery cables are flame retardant and easy to strip and cut.
  • Contacts are derived from quality copper alloy to ensure an electrically-reliable connection.

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