Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Solar photovoltaics (PV) use the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials in solar cells to generate electricity from sunlight, which can be used for own use or sold to the public grid.

Today Let’s talk about the advantages of aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets

1. Natural corrosion resistance, aluminum can form a dense alumina protective layer on the surface when placed in the air, which can prevent further oxidation of solar aluminum alloy profiles.

2. Galvanic corrosion resistance. When the steel bracket is in contact with the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame, the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame is prone to galvanic corrosion, and the solar aluminum profile bracket system avoids this phenomenon.

3. Balance voltage, aluminum alloy profiles have excellent electrical conductivity, so aluminum profiles can better conduct weak currents generated by various reasons in the photovoltaic support system.

4. Easy to process, aluminum profiles can be easily processed into the required specifications through sawing, drilling, punching, folding and other processes, and the energy consumption of the processing process is also much lower than that of steel.

5. It can withstand low temperature. Ordinary steel, especially the welding area, is fragile and brittle in low temperature environment, while the strength of aluminum alloy profiles increases.

Photovoltaic support is one of the keys to construction, and its installation quality directly affects the safety and stability of construction. The photovoltaic support structure needs to be stable, and the installation quality must be grasped during the installation process to avoid quality problems during use. Otherwise, it may result in improper coordination of components and photovoltaic support drawings, affecting power generation efficiency and increasing maintenance costs.