BIPV Roof Mounting System

BIPV(Building Integrated PV), is the integration of photovoltaic architecture. BIPV technology is a technology that integrates solar power (photovoltaic) products into buildings. Topbest energy unique transparent Solar Mounting Structures add a new dimension to BIPV by allowing and facilitating full PV building integration from façades to windows.

BIPV Roof mounting system has full waterproof performance and greatly improved the service life for standing seam roof sheet.

BIPV roof solar racking solution
enable the solar power generation system to better fit the roof surface. compared with ordinary standing seam roof solar mount, the configuration of the lateral board for overhaul facilitates system maintenance. At the same time, the laying of the light transmissive fake module effectively improves the roof light transmittance.

-Suitable for large and medium-scale C&I roof project
-No need to drill or weld on site allows for easy installation
-U -shaped clip assembly make the horizontal water deflector fixed in certain place to provide better stability and waterproof

-High Corrosion aluminium parts provide higher load capacity