How to find reliable manufacturers of solar mounting systems in China

The solar mounting system is an important part to support solar panels on rooftops or on the ground. There are lots of manufacturers and wholesalers of solar mounting systems. As an installer/engineer/purchaser, how can you find reliable solar racking manufacturers or wholesalers in China?

Here are some tips for your reference, you need to find a manufacturer that has strong experience in manufacturing solar PV module structures, it should have its own factory and production line, can offer both OEM and ODM service. It’s better to have ISO certificate, able to offer 20 years warranty,etc. The sales should be professional in answering questions that you asked, the engineers should work out accurate solar mounting system solution drawings based on your specific requests.

As one of the top solar racking manufacturers in China. ART SIGN has more than 16 years of experience in designing and producing solar panel mounting. It was founded in 2006, product range includes aluminum solar structures, stainless steel solar roof hooks, galvanized steel pile ground mounting systems, ZAM material ground mount solar racking, etc. solar PV module structures. And the product’s warranty is 20 years. With 25 years of service life.

The aluminum solar structure is commonly used in both rooftop and ground-mounted solar structure solutions. Recently there’s many orders from Europe that purchased aluminum solar rail, solar mid clamp, solar end clamp, etc. And also stainless steel hooks for roof top.

Below are some common purchase solar pv module structures for your reference, please feel free to contact us for quotation:

Custom Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Structure