Solar PV mounting structures for Europe buildings

In recent months, there are lots of solar panel mount inquiries come from European countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.

With more than 16 years experience ArtSign have various solar panel roof mounting Kit for trapozoid roof, tile roof, shingle roof, concrete flat roof and open field ground.

To meet different emerging markets requirements, ArtSign has recently developed some new Solar panel mounting rails. For example, we have launched two solar mini rail:

1. AS-A-DR12

A. Length is 385mm, and can be customized

B. Preassembly glued with EPDM, complete set with solar mid clamp, solar end clamp, and self-drilling screw or self tapping screws.

2. AS-A-R25

A. Length is 385mm or customized

B. Complete set with bolt and nut and EPDM and grounding lug

C. Adjustable mid clamp and end clamp for 30-50mm solar panels.

Another best seller pv mounting rail for Europe buildings are GR series rails, for example the AS-GR-05, the profile is 40x40m, length is tailored cut.

Besides the above mentioned solar mounting rails, ArtSign has also launched three XR series rails for choices :

Probably you already have a good supplier, we hope you can add us into your  Plan B supplier list.

You can expect benefits from us:

1. Competitive price

2. High-quality goods with 20 years warranty

3. Short installation time, since our products are easy to installation

4. Strong R&D support, professional technical supports

5. Fast and prompt delivery

6. Free samples are available.

7.OEM is accepted.

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