How to Install Solar Panels on a Shingle Roof?

Installing solar panels on roof is a great way to cut your energy bill. This post will go over the basics of installing solar panels on a shingle roof.

Step 1: Find the right location for your solar panels. Make sure that the location you choose get plenty of sunlight during the day. If possible, try to find a spot on your roof that is not shaded by trees or other structures.

Step 2: Once you decided the perfect location for your solar panels, the next step is to install the mounting brackets. There are a few different types of mounts you can use, and here we recommend 2 main shingle roof mounts from ART SIGN.

AS-RH-02P shingle roof mountAS-RH-02RP shingle roof mount
Component List** 50mm width L feet** 250*200mm aluminum plate** 50*44*33 aluminum pad**M10*200/M10*250/M10*300 hanger boltComponent List
** Φ76mm flashing** Aluminum 6005-T5 L foot** M8*135 SUS304 Hanger bolt

Step 3: After the mounts are installed, it is time to add the racking rails. You will need to attach the rails to the mounts using bolts or screws. Be sure to use stainless steel hardware to avoid rusting.

Step 4: Last add the solar panels. Simply attach them to the rails using the provided brackets.

Besides the shingle roof mount, ART SIGN also provide various of roof clamps according to different roof sheet. Made of AL6005-T5, all aluminum solar roof clamps are lightweight and easy for installing.

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